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Translation Services
Our translation office began to provide translation services in 2006. Making progress in translation sector each year, our office formed a dynamic and specialist staff who constantly improve themselves.
Translation 24 provides translation services in all languages, particularly in English, Russian, French and German, by experienced translators under the umbrella of “Recta Group”. It provides professional translation services in literary, legal, medical and technical subjects.

TMS-24 (Translation Management System-24)
Thanks to TMS-24, loss of time in file traffic is eliminated; managerial and administrative issues are facilitated and the projects are submitted in minimum time. TMS-24 system minimizes the time required for the submittal of your files to us; delivery of these files to our translator and finally submittal of the proofread translation to our customers. This system enables the customers to download the translation project from the system easily.

  1. Ease of adding and modifying more functionality to the system in line with the demands of the customers.
  2. Easy recording of customer log-in information and project statistics.
  3. Translation process tracking module for the customers.
  4. The e-mail system within the system enables the customers to share all steps of translation process. This e-mail system informs the customers about the receipt of the document from the customer, completion of any messages and translation projects sent to the customer within the system.
  5. It provides the fastest service through foreign translation offices and freelance translators within the system, in cross-language projects in case of shortage of translators in Turkey. Thus, it provides a faster and lower-cost cross-language project. In addition, collaboration with native translators and/or linguists increases the quality of our projects.
  6. Thanks to strict security measures developed for TMS-24, third person cannot reach your documents.
  7. Online connection and chat facility between the customer and project manager. This systems allows for the project to progress and apply a fast and effective method in transfer of necessary information.
  8. Pre-pricing. When requested, a document can be priced prior to the translation process and the process starts after the confirmation is taken. The system enables the firms with a high number of personnel like holdings to work on an agreed price.
  9. Automatic cost calculation, invoicing and daily-monthly-yearly project activities can be followed.
  10. Thanks to the cooperation of several translators in the system on long-term projects, terminological consistency is achieved. The systems allows for easy delivery of terminology list received from the customer to the translators and determination of terminology prior to the project. The fact that the system integrates advanced technology and CAT program offers the biggest advantage in terms of cost and pace. Using Help Desk module, you can submit all kinds of complaints, opinions and suggestions.